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NameHannes Devillé

District2950 Kapellen



LanguagesDutch (native), English, French (moderate)

Personal Objective

Creating games that are innovative both on a technical side as on the experience that’s being presented to the player. Oh, and they should be fun to play!


2009 - 2012Howest (Kortrijk), Digital Arts and Entertainment – Major: Game Development

2006 - 2009KdG (Antwerp), Applied Informatics – Major: Front-end Development

2008 - 2009Attended an evening course on film making


2012Internship at Larian Studios: mainly tool development and some gameplay programming on Dragon Commander

2011Yaelle: a game for the Microsoft Imagine Cup (made it to the 2nd round) [link]

2011Small flash game and website for the Games Summit in Antwerp [link]

2009Internship at Adobe Belgium: made a customer management system in Flex

2008 - 2009Made 2 interactive art projects in flash (AS3) which were both part of 2 different graduation projects

Key Skills

ProgrammingExtensive knowledge of C++ (STL, coding standards), familiar with C#, AS3, ObjectiveC, Java

Game PipelineExperience with DirectX and OpenGL

ShadersExperience with HLSL and GLSL

ModelingModeling, unwrapping , texturing, normal baking of props and modular environment pieces for in-game usage and some basic skinning and rigging

Tool developmentWriting tools (C#, C++), Experience with Maxscript

PhysicsGood mathematical base, experience with NVIDIA PhysX (coupled to DirectX) and Box2D


UDKUnrealscript: currently working on a project using Unrealscript

Material Editor: solid knowledge of techniques to acquire realistic looking materials, experimented with several aspects to accomplish special effects

Kismet and Matinee: Used for interaction and camera motion in a Leveldesign project

Editor: Worked on some modular pieces, lighting with lightmass, adding effects, ...

UnityUsed to create some game prototypes, mostly did gameplay programming: interaction, camera movement, controls, ...

3DS MaxCreating low-poly props, normal baking from hi-poly, basic rigging and skinning

PhotoshopTexturing realistic props (diffuse, normal, spec, gloss), hand-painting details like wear & tear, creating textures for effects

Personal Interests

CinemaSome directors I like: David Lynch, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Thomas Vinterberg, Jim Jarmusch, Lars von Trier, ...

MusicAs in listening to music.

Physical GamingMagic The Gathering, 999 Games, ...

ComicsGraphic Novels (Chris Ware, Art Spiegelman, Frank Miller, Alan Moore, ...), European Comics (Régis Loisel, Boucq, ...)